Design Your Budget-Use Your Smartphone!

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I'm all about saving money, but I refuse to spend 2 hours a day clipping coupons to save 15 cents here and a dollar there. My time is worth money. There is one luxury I pay for every month that I don't flinch on because I know it pays for itself many times over throughout the month: My iPhone! If you know how to use it, you can save 15-20% without even trying! I should really keep track, but I probably save an average of $10 per day,(yes, per DAY!) just by Googling coupons.

Google: When you're in line at the store, simply Google "[store name]coupon" and voila! Sites like RetailmeNot.com and FatWallet.com will come up with all kinds of coupons, and the cashier can scan the barcode at the register!

Apps: Coupon apps like the "Coupon Sherpa" have saved me a ton! Just in the last week, I've received a free frozen yogurt, 25% off Ashley furniture, $10 off of $50 at Babies R Us, $10 off of $30 at Bath & Body Works, and $10 off of $20 at Macaroni Grill.
The app "Red Laser" is great for telling what things are really worth, so you know if you are getting a good deal or not. I use this a lot for wines when I haven't heard of the brand. Simply scan the barcode with your phone, and it will display a list of places you can buy it with the price at each place.

Leave a comment about easy ways that you save money from your smart phone!

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