High Impact Office Design

When I first moved into my home, I started decorating the rooms we use the most, then the rooms I see the most. Last Christmas when friends were gathering by the front door, I realized that I had neglected the first room you see when you walk in my house! Sure, it was okay and put together, but it was kind of the catch all for our leftover furniture from hand-me-downs and ikea... It was time for a change! I sold the couch, sold the desk, and moved the things I wanted to keep like the clock, curtains and ottoman. Starting from scratch was so much easier than trying to work with the things I had that just didn't fit.



The most important thing to me in the office was the color. I wanted something different, dramatic, and classy. My comfort zone kept bringing me to black(yes, that's my comfort zone ;) ), but just painting black in my bathroom, I tore myself away. I went with Benjamin Moore's Dark Harbor, mixed 25% darker. I couldn't decide between Dark Harbor and the darker color, so this was an in between color. It is perfect! The best way I can describe it is the color of the deepest part of the ocean in Cabo. It's blue, it's green, it's beautiful!! Unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice. It is much more teal/green than it shows.

I wanted paneling to add interest to the walls and intensify the color. For $160, it made such a difference, and made the room look so high end!

Here are the wrought iron gates I bought for $40 at Home Goods and attached it with brackets.

I found this cabinet for $9.99 at Goodwill in Cherry, and spray painted it black. You would never guess that it was second hand and scratched, and it fits all of our office supplies perfectly! I looked for a new one to match it and was shocked when I realized I'd be paying $599 for the matching one! Yeah right! Oh well, a hand-me-down pedestal will have to do for now.

This phone was a TJ Maxx find from when I was in high school, and I have fond memories of when my now husband calling up to my apartment on this phone. I had to incorporate it somewhere! Plus, it's cool.
The desk was a Craigslist find that actually happened to match my bedroom set! It was meant to be!

The Pennsylvania House wing back chair was a Craigslist find for $5.00!! That's about $1500 less than retail. Score.

I am SO happy with the way it turned out! We spent about $600 on the entire room, about half the cost of the suggested retail price of just the desk! A small price to pay for a room that looks like a million bucks! When I talk to my design clients about big impact, this is what I'm talking about!


Style at Any Price

The worst design advice I've ever heard is, "It won't look expensive if it's not expensive." Really?! This person was on HGTV's Design Star! Okay now riddle me this, Guy McGee: I found this table online for $472.50. Do I need to pay that? No thanks. I think I'll go to Ross and pick one up for $39.99. Niener, niener, niener.

Hexagonal Side Table in Gold Leaf
Candelabra Lighting & Decor $472.50


Ross $39.99

Bring the Outdoors In

I'm always looking for unexpected elements to add to my home. When I found this bark at a garage sale from a florist and knew it was exactly what was missing! I went straight to Trader Joe's, bought two orchids and stared at it for an hour... LOVE!! If you don't happen to stumble upon a fabulous florist's garage sale, you can find natural elements like this at craft stores like Michael's, craft Warehouse, Hobby Lobby, or.... your neighborhood nursery!


House of Basil

I love finding new ways to display items that I use everyday so they are easy to grab but still make a design statement. I simply put the basil plant from Trader Joe's inside the birdhouse and Viola! A creative way to display every day items.


Rustic French Guest Bedroom

Since most of my friends live close by, I rarely get to host guests overnight. But when my friends from Tennessee or the coast come, I get giddy preparing for their arrival! Last night I worked on a 30 minute stencil project with a sheer pearl/champagne faux finish damask accent on the back wall. It is so subtle, yet so pretty! Little thoughtful touches like this really make a room custom and designer-worthy. The bed and chandelier are both from Craigslist ($50 each), and my next project is refinishing the cherry posts to a rustic whitewash to match the woodwork on the chair.

The stencil was purchased at Michaels craft store for about $15! I have used it in multiple craft projects since I bought it about a year ago, so I have definitely gotten my money's worth!
The sconces were purchased at Ross several years ago and I glazed them with a copper distressing to make them match the Thomasville chandelier.


 The stencil catches your eye as you walk by and draws you into the room.



Design Your Budget-Use Your Smartphone!

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I'm all about saving money, but I refuse to spend 2 hours a day clipping coupons to save 15 cents here and a dollar there. My time is worth money. There is one luxury I pay for every month that I don't flinch on because I know it pays for itself many times over throughout the month: My iPhone! If you know how to use it, you can save 15-20% without even trying! I should really keep track, but I probably save an average of $10 per day,(yes, per DAY!) just by Googling coupons.

Google: When you're in line at the store, simply Google "[store name]coupon" and voila! Sites like RetailmeNot.com and FatWallet.com will come up with all kinds of coupons, and the cashier can scan the barcode at the register!

Apps: Coupon apps like the "Coupon Sherpa" have saved me a ton! Just in the last week, I've received a free frozen yogurt, 25% off Ashley furniture, $10 off of $50 at Babies R Us, $10 off of $30 at Bath & Body Works, and $10 off of $20 at Macaroni Grill.
The app "Red Laser" is great for telling what things are really worth, so you know if you are getting a good deal or not. I use this a lot for wines when I haven't heard of the brand. Simply scan the barcode with your phone, and it will display a list of places you can buy it with the price at each place.

Leave a comment about easy ways that you save money from your smart phone!

P.S. How cute is this phone case from Cellcaseworks?!?!


Trick or Treat!

For someone who doesn't care for Halloween, I still try to be a little festive for the neighbor kids... Simple, fun projects brought my front porch from the Grinch of Hallow's Eve to an autumn wonderland! I stenciled damask onto pumpkins and glitter glued a spider web! Easy peasy pumpkin tower! Mixed with a $5 garage sale gate and some cheap hydrangeas I'll plant to bloom for next year, it's a Happy Halloween at the Roberts' house!!

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